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By continuously researching and exploring unique solutions with our customers,
we can continuously increase the application portfolio of our products

Food & Beverage
Jelly & Confection
Daily Chemical
Meat, Sauce, Pet Food
  • Enhancing meat texture slice ability,Stabilizing the fat protein in meat.
  • Enhancing viscosity of sauce and release for more flavour.
  • Improved the sedimentation stability and reduced the flocculent particles occurrence.
  • Thickener and emulsifizer for pet food.
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Jelly, Ice Cream, Dairy, Gummy Candy
  • Variety of texture in jelly food, Good flavour release
  • Best performance for adjusting smooth taste of ice cream. Prevent ice crystal formation.
  • Prevents sedimentation and separation cocoa particles of during storage in dairy products.
  • High transparency gel and nice mouth feel for gummy candy, can bear acid.
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  • Improved texture and smooth taste of capsule. 
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Toothpaste, Skincare, Print Paper
  • Good transparency,combine pigment to make the gel looks well. Less water release and keep the flavour for long time.
  • Supply the crystal gel texture and enhancing the viscosity of toothpaste.
  • Softy and tightly ability performance on face . Can be contained more essence within crystal gel body.
  • Thickener of print paper process.
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Ice Cream
Facial Mask
Pet Food
Gel Air Freshener

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Whether it requires basic texture attribute mapping, handle the complexity around flavor, texture, stability, appearance, quality and overall acceptance.we can help.

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