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Product Raw Material Safety

Production raw materials are imported from the world's three kylin gold growth waters.Kirin has very high requirements for growth conditions, and the most suitable countries for kirin production are Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and a few other countries.Dehui carrageenan uses high-quality kirin plants grown in pollution-free sea area to ensure the quality and safety of each batch of raw materials.


Sustainable Development Concept

At Dehui, our sustainability philosophy is underpinned by our brand's commitment to protect quality .We fulfill this commitment by working to protect food ingredient protect food and protect people. Our product main ingredient is seaweed which is healthy and environmental. To meet the needs of the present without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Our Vision

With natural edible rubber as the core, we are committed to the purification, modification and compounding of natural vegetable rubber, focusing on the research of food texture, and providing you with an overall solution of food texture. Strive to contribute to the environment, to the earth and to mankind.

For Future Partners

Whether it requires basic texture attribute mapping, handle the complexity around flavor, texture, stability, appearance, quality and overall acceptance.we can help.

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