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Over the years, song-tao Yang, chairman of has been committed to the introduction of advanced management concept, to learn the advanced management method, constantly promote the company's standard management and long-term development, and will "continue to learn, to practice" as a corporate learning view, successively with the Beijing yi in the peak, Hong Kong, Taiwan national health gold blue union, and other well-known training institutions, carefully will DE hui into a learning-oriented team, realize company and employee benefit.

Marketing Director

Ten years have passed quickly, and we have grown together.From an ignorant graduate to the head of the Marketing Department today, I am very grateful to Dehui for all the challenges and opportunities has given me.Whether it is personal ability or life value, I have been well achieved stage by stage.At Dehui, you will always feel a sense of unity, fraternity and positivity, which is a rare employee culture.

R & D Engineer

We have a team of colleagues who have the same experience with me in Dehui. Over the past 20 years, we have grown, progressed and matured in the course of development. We have worked together for the development of the company.During the period, difficulties and development coexist, opportunities and hopes coexist, in a blink of an eye we have grown from the youth youth into a face of wind uncle, also forged a sincere friendship.For the future of Dehui, we are always on the road and working hard.

Purchasing Director

I went from a warehouse to a super advanced factory.The memories are overwhelming, and our team and market are growing.For myself, I am very grateful to the company for providing me with many opportunities to realize my own growth.The 10th anniversary of the completion of a new Carrageenan Manufacturer in China is not an end, but a new starting point.

Financial Director

We will be efficient, safe and stable product production concept to carry out in every aspect of production, we are also the pursuit of high quality standards of food additives enterprises in the long-term qualified win-win business.
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