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Food Gel Solution

Based on the different changing of daily food structure. people's demand for food is not only taste, they focus more on mouth feel gradually.The taste of traditional food is no longer enough to satisfy people's taste demand .Therefore, food gel is widely favored in the food industry. Food taste has also become the focus of the global food industry.

Carrageenan is natural plant hydrophilic gel,based on plant original and natural feature.Complete with the demand of health and nutrition of people.It is main object of consumer based on the meat dessert or beverage etc in food industry. People are developing and reaching for the demand.


Along with increasing of the consumer's double demand for delicious and health, the correct scientific using way of natural plant colloids has become a necessary skill for the food industry.

Our company has rich industry experience in food quality modified and improvement. And we can provide you with one-station products quality solutions and services. We can give you the customer personalized product and technology . Providing a broader research direction market for your product development.

At the same time to meet the normal products improvement and modified. Providing the best service and creativity for the global food industry.

For Future Partners

Whether it requires basic texture attribute mapping, handle the complexity around flavor, texture, stability, appearance, quality and overall acceptance.we can help.

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